Panoramic gym and yoga platforms in the heart of Salzburg's nature

Exercise is essential for our physical and mental health. Here at The Resi we are lucky to live in the Salzburger Land region full of lush pastures and mighty mountains. We recommend exploring the area around our hotel on foot and by bike, but those who would rather stay at the hotel can also enjoy the wonderful landscape from the gym and the raised yoga platforms at the Hotel Theresia, which is open to guests staying at The Resi. Let your eyes wander from one peak to the next as you marvel at the Hohe Tauern Mountains. 

  • Gym opening hours
    daily 7:00 until 22:00


  • Cardio machines

    State-of-the-art Technogym technology

  • Strength training

    Weights for strength and stability

  • Exercise balls

    Perfect for training stability and balance

  • Exercise bands

    Rubber resistance bands for recovery, stretching, warming up and gentle strength training

  • Trampolines

    A fun way to get your pulse racing

Rest, Relax and Recover

Physiotherapy at The Resi

Holidays can be the perfect opportunity to kick-start a new lifestyle and sort out all those aches and pains you have been struggling with but never got round to sorting out. Here are some of the things we offer at The Resi:

  • Manual therapy for soft tissue injuries and joint complaints
  • Post-operative mobilisation & rehabilitation to get you back to full fitness as soon as possible after an operation
  • Functional movement training involving analysis of your balance and coordination and tips to correct any problems
  • Medical training therapy to treat specific complaints or problems in a targetted manner
  • Stretching to improve interaction between muscles and nerves
  • Breathing physiotherapy aimed at conditions affecting the lungs, breathing aparatus and voice using special techniques
  • Manual triggering focusing on specific "trigger points" in the muscles and connective tissue
  • Manual lymph drainage activating the body's natural lymphatic system using specific massage grips
  • Sports physiotherapy to treat sports-related injuries and for effective prevention
  • Medical taping involves applying elasticated tape to areas of the body in need of additional support - the dynamic movement of the tape stretches with the skin while holding muscles in place
  • Soft-tissue treatments including classic massages, fasciae massages, functional massages, etc.
  • Posture and movement training using specific exercises to analyse and correct posture and movement in a standing and walking position
  • Relaxation therapy includes breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation (Jacobson technique), treatment of the spine and the individual vertebrae (basis of the vegetative nervous system), resulting in relaxation of body and mind
  • Underwater therapy
Personal Training

Achieve your fitness goals with a long-term plan for success

Our friendly and experienced personal trainers will be happy to put together a made-to-measure training plan to help you achieve your fitness goals. Each plan is customised and contains not only exercises but also plenty of relaxation and recovery for long-term success.

Train smart

  • Personal training improves fitness and mental health
  • Book early to be sure of getting an appointment
  • Speak to a member of our spa team for more information

Time to get physical!

Get in touch to book an appointment for a session with one of our personal trainers here at The Resi.