The Resi: Holidays with a Twist

Organic and sustainable breaks in the Salzburger Land

Here at The Resi we have a long and proud history of sustainable living. Hotel Johann, which was the predecessor of The Resi, underwent regular audits from 2002 in order to be certified as a "bio hotel". Even 20 years ago 70-80% of our food and around 30% of our drinks were organic. In 2020 we decided to go one step further and transition to a 100% organic hotel, ensuring all food and drink served here are organic in origin. This means an increased focus on seasonal and regional produce, which is why you won't find tomatos on the menu in winter. All beauty products in our spa, rooms and apartments are also 100% organic.

Focus on humans, animals and the environment

At the same time, we know that organic produce alone is not enough to save the planet. That is why we do even more in order to take responsibility for our actions and their impact on the environment. We pursue a zero waste policy in our hotel, restaurant and bar. When it comes to the produce we use in our kitchen, we buy local to support the region's farmers and avoid the environmental damage caused by transporting goods long distances.

Local, seasonal and sustainable!

"We have everything you need. And whatever we don't have, you probably don't really need!"

Art everywhere

We support young artists by buying their work and putting it on display at The Resi. Keep your eyes open for paintings and photos throughout the hotel – from the reception to the restaurant, the bar to the basement.

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