Safe and Enjoyable Holidays

Covid-19 measures at The Resi


A personal message in these challenging times

Our hotel with 20 rooms and apartments is located on the edge of Hinterglemm, away from the busy village centre with its restaurants and bars (8 minutes' walk). In times like these our number one priority is staying safe - for the sake of our guests and ourselves, but especially for the sake of those people who are at an increased risk due to a known or unknown underlying health condition.

We – and by that we mean the members of our family and all our staff here at The Resi – want to work for you in a relaxed atmosphere without the fear of spreading the infection or becoming infected ourselves. That is why we have put in place strict safety measures which in many cases go beyond those required by the Austrian Association of Hotels and Hospitality. We call on everyone staying at The Resi to respect these rules. After all, we - like many of you - have people within our family who are in the high-risk category (a 92-year-old grandmother and a person who suffers from diabetes).

We hope that you come to us fit and healthy and return home exactly the same way. Should people break the rules repeatedly during their time with us, we will have to politely ask them to leave our hotel. Thank you for your undertanding. Please therefore take responsibility for your own actions and those of your family members.

The Brettermeier family & The Resi team

Here you will find the latest regulations for traveling between your country and Austria

Arrival & Departure

Fast check-in & fast check-out

Two days before you arrive we will send you an e-mail asking you to complete a form required by the local authorities. This contains personal details such as name, address, etc.

  • That means when you check-in all we need to do is check the details are correct and ask you to sign the form in person.
  • To minimise contact we kindly ask you to send just one person to the reception desk (wearing a face mask).
  • We will have your Summer JOKER CARDS ready and waiting for you at reception. In winter we are also be happy to organise ski passes for you. Please fill in the necessary form (one per person, including the year of birth for any children) and for how many days or weeks you would like to use the ski pass.
  • We also want to keep your check-out as quick and simple as possible. We will put your bill in an envelope and place it in front of your door the day before you are scheduled to leave. This gives you time to check that everything is correct and - if you wish - pay the bill the same day or the day of departure. This prevents a large number of people gathering at reception wishing to check-out and pay their bills at the same time.
Setting a Good Example

Staff, family and guests

All members of staff at The Resi wear face masks. We are either already vaccinated or we are regularly tested for Corona by a team from the Tauern Clinic in Zell am See directly in the hotel at very short intervals.

We also measure the temperature of all staff daily before they start their shift. We kindly ask guests to wear face masks in all public areas of the hotel, though these can be removed when you sit down to eat in the restaurant.

Restaurant & Service

Booking a table

Tables must be booked in advance. The number of people allowed inside the restaurant is limited. In order serve as many people as possible under safe conditions, we have introduced several sittings in our restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.


  • 7:30 – 8:30
  • 8:30 – 9:30
  • From 9:30
  • From 10:30 the restaurant is closed and thoroughly disinfected


  • 18:00 – 19:30

  • 19:30 – 21:00


Strict regime of cleaning & ventilation

You will find hand-sanitiser dispensers throughout our hotel. Our housekeeping team always wear gloves and disinfect the hotel on a regular basis, including door handles, luggage trolleys, etc.

Your room will also be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. This includes opening all the windows and balcony doors to let the fresh air in. Please speak to reception if you do not want your room to be cleaned by our staff.

Spa & Beauty

Our pools, saunas and gym can all be used during their respective opening hours providing guests maintain social distancing (1 metre) at all times. Please also be aware that there are restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed in the sauna and swim area as well as in the gym. There are signs in each of these areas with details on how many people are allowed in.

In the chillout areas we have removed recliners to enable social distancing. Thank you for your understanding.

In the current conditions all children aged up to 14 years must be accompanied by an adult. This is because children often find it hard to maintain social distancing and other rules of this kind. We willl be happy to provide massage and beauty treatments with the relevant safety measures in place.

Christmas & New Year

At the moment it is impossible to tell whether and in what way we will be able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with you, though it seems sure that things will be different from previous years.

However, we guarantee that you will be able to celebrate a great Christmas and an unforgettable New Year's Eve in 2021 here at The Resi.