Booking Information

Everything you need to know about your stay at The Resi


Rooms and apartments are available to you from 16:00.
Please let us know if you plan on arriving after 18:00.


We kindly ask you to clear your room or apartment by 10:00 on the day of departure. If you would like to stay a few more hours and make the most of your last day, you are welcome to change, shower, etc. in the hotel before you start your journey home. We also have a lockable storage room where you can leave your luggage.


We kindly ask you to pay a deposit of 30% (credit card or bank transfer). If you book your stay 14 days or less before your scheduled arrival, the deposit can only be paid by credit card. We also kindly ask you to send written confirmation of your reservation by e-mail, fax or post.

Payment on site

At the end of your stay you can pay your bill cash in euros, Visa, MasterCard or a debit card [ancv]

  • We offer travel cancellation insurance which minimises your financial risk if you are not able to take up your holiday or have to leave early.
  • Tip!
    Check with your credit card provider or your insurer to find out if you already have cover and therefore do not need additional travel cancellation insurance.
  • Cost of travel cancellation insurance: The premium for our travel cancellation insurance is 5% of the total price of your holiday. If you then do have to cancel your holiday or leave early, all you have to pay is an excess of 20%. We will not charge this excess if we are able to find somebody else who is able to take over the room or suite for the period in question.
  • Holidays at Biohotel The Resi include insurance for the person who makes the booking and all other people travelling with that person. This insurance cover begins on the day of booking and ends on the last day of the holiday.
  • Should an insurance-relevant incident occur, the guest must inform the hotel immediately by phone and in writing and provide details on why the holiday has to be cancelled, including any documents (doctor's notes, etc.) relevant in this regard.
  • The deposit will be refunded by the hotel (minus the insurance premium and excess) to the person who made the booking once all documents have been provided in full.

Here are some examples of insurance-relevant incidents:

  • If it is impossible for a guest to take up a holiday he/she has booked (doctor's note, diagnosis, etc. must be provided.
  • If a guest is forced to delay the holiday or leave early for the reasons mentioned above.
  • If an insured person, his/her partner, children, parents, parents-in-law suffers a serious injury or falls seriously ill. This also applies to couples engaged to be married and couples living together.
  • If you wish to include any additional person(s) in this group, please let the hotel know in advance. It will be necessary for us to check with the insurance company before confirming that this is possible.
  • If a person from one of the groups of people mentioned above (including siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and children-in-law of an incured person) sadly dies.
  • If an insured person experiences sudden, unexpected complications in a pregnancy.
  • If an insured person experiences a recurrence or deterioration of a chronic illness.
  • If significant damage is caused to property belonging to an insured person resulting from fire, force majeur or criminal behaviour by a third party and, as a result, the insured person is unable to leave the place where they live.
  • If an insured person is unexpectedly made redundant or, in the case of freelancers, if the business unexpectedly goes bankrupt or is placed into administration.
  • If an insured person is conscripted to perform military duty or civil duty and the authorities do not accept the holiday booking as a reason for postponing the start of this service.
  • If the spouse of an insured person files for divorce before a holiday they planned to spend together.
  • If an insured person does not pass a school leaving exam taken immediately before the start of the scheduled holiday.
  • If an insured person unexpectedly receives a court summons and the court does not accept the holiday booking as a reason to postpone the court appearance.